Friday, June 3, 2011

My house smells amazing...

If apple crisp was not enough to make my house smell like heaven on earth, to top it off I have THIS amazing recipe going in my crockpot right now. It honestly smells like a good, smokey barbecue restaurant in here (without the actual smoke, which is not always the case when I am cooking distracted).
Here is a sneak peak! I will post later on how it came out.
I wanted to post this, because I was able to get some unbelievable markdowns on meat yesterday. I scored 10 pounds of Organic beef for $2.08/lb. The Use/Freeze by date was not until June 6th, so it was quite obviously still great quality meat!

I also found some awesome fresh fish markdowns that I was able to take advantage of. The reduced items were 50% off the marked prices, so I got beautiful Wild Caught Snapper fillets for $2.28/lb. The use by date was the 3rd on these, so I only got enough to make dinner last night. I am not a fan freezing fresh mild flavored fish as I don't like the consistency/texture when I cook it. I did get some swordfish (again wild caught) for great price though, and those freeze well so I threw them in the deep freeze for later.
I seasoned these up simply and threw them on the grill with some fresh asparagus that Loralei helped me prepare.
I pressure cooked a butternut squash and mashed it up with some seasonings and it was wonderful! Colton ate about 1/2 a fillet of the fish all by himself, wow!


  1. Love your blog! We're making the switch to Paleo, too! Thank you for your family- and budget-friendly recipes :)

    Faye @

  2. Thanks, Faye!
    Glad you like it, and best of luck on the switch. I'd love to hear how things progress for you!

  3. Anna mrsespinoza0304@yahoo.comOctober 22, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    Where do you find your marked down meats?

  4. Pretty much every grocery store has them. I get my best finds at Albertson and QFC!