Monday, August 29, 2011

What is on our plate...

I've decided to give you all a glimpse into a day in our food life in hopes that it might help others with ideas of what to eat, and especially what to feed the kids. Also, I would love to hear your ideas on Paleo options that your kids like to eat. I am always looking for new options in incorporate fat, protein and veggies into my kids!

A couple of notes: 1) As you can see, we do give our kids minimal dairy in the form of cheese and sometimes homemade yogurt. 2) Our kids do drink about 4 oz of 100% Organic Apple Juice a day, 1 oz of juice in 4 containers of water a day. Though I know juice is not technically Paleo, by adding the minimal juice to their water it ensures they will drink the water throughout the day, so I have accepted it.


Leftover Seasoned Sauteed Zucchini Scramble with Sausage Links

Turkey Burger, Cauliflower Mash, hard boiled Egg

Walnuts, Pecan Pie Bar

Raw Egg Smoothie (egg, blueberries, Kale, banana)

Southwest Cabbage and Chicken w/ Homemade salsa (tomatoes from our garden)


Leftover turkey burger, caramelized onion scramble, w/ garden fresh tomato (which Colton ate half of off my plate)
During the day I also ate, but did not get pictures of:
~Hard boiled Egg
~Turkey Lunch meat
~Green beans
~Watermelon Cubes

2 Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
~Didn't get a picture of her breakfast- 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices of bacon, 1/2 banana

Left- Carrots, fresh peas from the garden, Pizza Chicken, Mock- PBJ (crepe, sun nut butter and crushed strawberries)
Pecan Pie Bar she snacked on while she was sitting in the stroller while I was running

Already ate her Turkey Roll-up (lunch meat turkey with Pepperoni), green beans, carrot sticks and cheese

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie
~She also had some watermelon cubes and pepperoni during the day.


Egg Scramble with leftover Cauliflower mash whisked in, bacon

Right- Pizza Chicken, carrot sticks, peas, Mock- PBJ (crepe, sun nut butter, smashed strawberries)

Turkey/Pepperoni Roll-up, carrot sticks
Pecan Pie Bar in the stroller

Crepe wrapped around turkey lunch meat and cheese and green beans

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie
~He also had a bowl of blueberries during the day

The Crepes I use for their mock-PBJ and Colton's Turkey roll-up are just egg with a bit of coconut flour to hold them together. 2 eggs, 1 tsp coconut flour, whisked together and cook in a fry pan about 30 sec per side. This amount makes 4 crepes.


  1. Your tip for egg crepe is the best! I made it this morning and devoured it. Misread and used one tablespoon coconut flour, but oh well, it worked. Thank you soooo much for the awesome recipe. Can't wait to make for my kids

  2. So glad you liked them, Heidi!! The recipe is definitly very versitile... the flour is just to stabalize them a bit, so i'm sure yours were even more firm than mine are. I just try to get as much egg protein and as little coconut flour in them, because I know they will get the coconut flour in the baked goods I make them. I love hearing that my silly little ideas work for others, so thanks for sharing with me!!

  3. Oh I need to try those crepes. I'm just starting out in the WOE and haven't committed to bringing the kids over yet because I haven't figured out enough things they will eat. I'm keeping a list! They love wraps for lunch, so I'll give these a whirl tomorrow and see if they pass. Thank you!