Tuesday, July 12, 2011


*~*Update, I did the WOD Mel had in the article listed below, and was able to go from 5 DUs in a row to 9, in just 1 day!!*~*

*This has nothing to do with Paleo or recipes, but is rather a personal accomplishment I just wanted to share... hope you don't mind.**

It is a bit (ok, a BIG) joke around our house how clumsy I am. I was just not blessed with much grace, plain and simple. Double Unders have been my nemesis for quite a while... I can jump rope fast and for long periods of time, but actually coordinating multiple DUs, not happening. Want proof???

Yes, those are my welt covered shins.

I refuse to quit though. I have spent quite a bit of time working on them, and I made the decision I would do 5 DUs in a row. Furthermore, I aspire to be named the Double Unders Queen, or DUQ as we call it around our house (yes, you can laugh, we always do) one day.

I was recently even more inspired to get my DUQ nomination when I read The Clothes Make The Girl blog post about her struggle with double unders. I was able to put some of her 7 lessons into practice, and today, I can officially say, I did 5 DUs in a row without a slip. I am proud, and see myself getting closer and closer to my Crossfit throne, haha!

Here is Colton and I hanging out in the garage practicing. I was using the mirror to help me work on timing where my rope was when I jump.

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