Friday, September 9, 2011

Mediterranean Spinach Salad

We were invited to have dinner at some friends house tonight. They are good friends, so they know the way we eat and are super accommodating to it. The host is making veggie/meat skewers, and she asked us to bring a salad. This is a super simple (fast) variation on one we do all the time here at home, but is nice to bring and allow everyone to pick and choose toppings. 

Mediterranean Spinach Salad
Large Bowl of Spinach
Crumbled Bacon
Artichoke Hearts
Feta Cheese
Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette
   10 Sun Dried Tomato Halves
   1/2 C Extra Virgin Olive Oil
   1/2 C Avocado Oil
   1/8 C Lemon Juice
   1 Clove Crushed Garlic
   1 tsp Onion Powder
   1/2 tsp Salt

   Place all the vinaigrette ingredients in the food processor and blend.

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