Saturday, September 17, 2011

Local Organic Apple Time

I wanted to let my locals, here in Western Washington, in on a great deal that you might be interested in taking advantage of. A local company, called LocalFoodsList

They are a company that brings in local, generally organic, foods in bulk at a great price. I used them to get Pears and Peaches a couple weeks ago, and I am so happy I did. The fruit was wonderfully fresh, with little to no imperfections in them. I now have canned peaches and canned pear sauce to get me through the winter months, and I know exactly what is in them, and what is in it.

Right now, they are taking orders for 3 varieties of Organic Apples and one Pesticide Free Variety HERE. You can not beat $.70-.87/lb for Organic Apples, and because they are fresh from a local source, they will last in the fridge up to 6 months, according to the company!

I will be making freezer applesauce, canning applesauce, as well as stocking my fridge.  If you are in the local area, look into this company. If you are not, check around your area for a similar company or organization where you may be able to get great produce at great prices!

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