Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cost Cutting:1- Reduced Meats.

Everyone knows, fresh, local, organic and grass fed meat is best. That being said, I do not have the money to be buying that way for all of my families' meals. There is no possible way for us to live the Paleo lifestyle if I had to stay within those parameters. Some day I hope to be at the financial place to do that, but I do the best I can on the budget I have. This is one of the instances where I do what I can, and I have to call it good. I have to remind myself, it is a far better option then giving my kids blue box Mac and Cheese or Corndogs every meal, right.

One way in which I do cut cost in the meat department is by looking for the reduced meats. Grocery stores mark down meats when they are getting close to their 'Sell By' dates in order to not loose all the cost of the product. There is nothing wrong with the meat, it is just getting close to the point they are not able to sell them anymore. Here is a great link for more on reduced products at the grocery store. you get to the grocery store right after they have marked down, you can usually score some great deals on great products. I can bring them home, throw them in the freezer, and have great meat to pull out for meals at a fraction of the retail cost. There are even times I will find great organic meats marked way down!
My freezer's current stock.

If you will notice from the picture, the majority of what I have in my freezer, stocked from reduced meat, is low to no fat poultry products. There is a reason. When meats are not organically raised, the residual pesticides concentrate in the fat of the meat. If you don't have the money to purchase all organic meat, concentrate on buying the fattier cuts of meat organic. For me, I do not bother buying by Boneless/Skinless Chicken and the like Organically, as there is very little residual. I will spend my money on purchasing my fattier cuts of beef Organic, and save the money on the lower fat stuff. Make sense? (I  will find some of the sources I have read on this issue and come back to post.)

One of my favorites is Jenny-O Turkey products. I can generally find a good amount of mark down for about $1.99/ 20oz package.  In addition, I have e-mailed the company several times, expressing how much my family likes their products and asking if they offer any coupons. I have been sent a lot of $1/off coupons that I can combine with the markdown meat, bringing my totals down to $.99/20oz of good quality meat. Is it the absolute best option? For my family on a small budget, YES!


  1. love your blog!! any chance you found any sources about this topic? makes sense to me....but i would love to be able to back it up! thanks!!

    1. Here is one. I will add more as I come upon them. :-)